How to increase blogger traffic to blog through headline up to 209

How to increase blogger traffic? Organic traffic is the most important source of income for Every blogger. But bloggers can’t bring enough organic traffic to their blogs.
Then how to increase blogger traffic to your blog through headlines?
Because organic traffic is very important for any blogger. We can attract more than 206% traffic through headlines.

The headline is the sentence that conveys the full meaning of an article. The headline also highlights the importance and meaning of an article. Nearly 80% of readers read only headlines and do not pay attention to the entire article. Only 20% of readers read the entire article. So a writer should get his traffic from 80% of these headline readers. This is possible in case the author gives an interesting headline to his writing and makes people reader of his complete article. So the headline of an article can be a big factor in bringing huge traffic to someone’s website. To write a good headline, a writer must have a good understanding of it.

The headline should have some of the following important features.
• Headlines must clear to the reader the purpose of the writing.
• It should be attractive.
• It must have an announcement form.
• It should not have the full meaning of the writing because it converts to the conclusion form.
• Includes big promises.
• Have a surprise form.
• Includes some kind of suggestions.
If a headline has the above features, then it not only gives value to your writing but also delivers the best organic traffic to your website. The headline is generally of three types.

Types of headlines
1: How to headline

These types of headlines are used for articles that have a teaching form. The writer teaches the reader something in his writing. And usually, these headlines take the form of questions and queries.
For example: How can I learn English?

2: Transaction

These kinds of headlines are used for articles that refer buyers to sellers’ products. These kinds of headlines are usually used in commercial advertisements post and articles.

3: Why headline

The writer such headlines for articles to asks the cause and effect of something. And these kinds of topics also take the form of these questions and queries.
For example,
why do we write an article?
Conclusion: If an author recognizes the characteristics and types of headlines and uses them in his writing. So he can increase the traffic to his website from 80% of the headline readers.

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