How to Make Tater Tots casserole free at home recipes for hot dogs

 Hi everyone, I’m Fareed Gul Hamim, Today I am going to teach you how to make tater tots. I have made many requests over the years to share this recipe. It is actually incredibly simple and easy, just a few techniques that I think are important to achieve the perfect break.

How to make tater tots

 The first thing you really need is potatoes, I think. I have two potatoes here – about a pound.

These are the rust potatoes that I find best for this recipe, and what I’m going to do. I’ve peeled them. Obviously, and I’ve washed them, what I’m going to do.

How to Make Tater Tots casserole free at home recipes for hot dogs

I Have put them in a pot. I’m going to cover them with some cold water. I’m going to boil them over medium heat, and I’m going to reduce the heat and let them boil for about six minutes.

When you pierce them with a knife you want them to be a little soft, but still, you want them to be steadfast.

Because, I want to show you why it’s really important, they need to be steadfast. Because what I’m going to show you is really important. So, I’m going to cover them with water and let them boil for about six to seven minutes.

Because it’s a little big so you have to make sure you keep an eye on the size of your potatoes, but I want you to see what important is to see how it’s cooked outside, And it’s tender.

You go in easily like a knife and it comes out easily but there’s still some texture, and there’s still a little resistance which is important. Because if your potatoes are too soft, They will not be able to take the next step that is holding them back.


Now, if you want, you can cook them all the way and mash them with mashed potatoes, but do you know how the tater tots have a special texture?
That’s how you get it, you just take your potatoes which I’ve let cool, I don’t know for fifteen, twenty minutes. They’re still hot enough, and then you get a big turn off your box Greater. Take and you just grind them.
So just go ahead and get away. Okay, so these are your potatoes at this point.
Yes, it’s a weird structure. Yes, it’s not scary at the moment, but trust me! they’re going to be great. The next step is important. You’re going to mash this mixture. I do it in just one bowl and I have a clean bowl.

You just want to squeeze it like that, nothing comes out that’s great, but there may be some liquid, and if there is, you need to squeeze that liquid. There’s nothing right now because I think when you let them cool for a while. You don’t leave them for a long time in the water.

There’s less chance of too much water, but you Want to make sure. You take this step only when your potatoes are wet. Because, you don’t really want to end up with a soft, messy mix.

I have all-purpose flour, grated garlic, and some dried parsley. They will be added with a nice heavy pinch of salt, so I claim this right to add Potatoes.

You don’t need to add any garlic or celery, but I think it adds a little extra and then I like to use my hands just to add to my potatoes.
Well, I’m just sharing my little tartars and it’s very simple the trick is not to make them work too much. So I do it. You go ahead and fry them, you want a traditional golden crispy coating on the outside and you’re going to get it.

Don’t grind them, but make them so compact from the outside that they miss any opportunity. They get that old golden brown texture.

I will keep rolling the rest. I have vegetable oil here, nice and hot over medium heat, I’m starting to add my little tartar tots here, you don’t want to overheat the pan.

Because you don’t want the oil temperature to be below. I would say 370F or more about it, you just want the oil to be really nice and hot but not hot enough to cook them right away.

You want it to last about 5 minutes.
You have to flip them halfway through until they turn pretty and golden brown all around. I’m going to take them out on a paper towel plate. I’ll show you when they’re done. That’s it, get yourself some tater tots. Just taking the last few of my hot oil.

I like the black and crisp, But they really look beautiful, because we have sliced potatoes. I don’t know if you can really see the texture that I think is really important when it comes to tater tots.

That’s how I roll. That’s what I like Very tasty, really nice texture, and a little bit of garlic comes through which I like. Because I think it’s always great if you want to make a bigger batch.


So you can fry them and put them in the freezer. Then you can pop them in the oven and have them whenever you come to them. Can be taken as a last-minute breakfast. I hope you enjoyed spending time reading the article. If you like it then comment to me below.

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